Then and Now – thank you for 20 years of community support!

In 2003 the Ashmore City Justice of the Peace service, led by Sandra Willis and Elizabeth (Bette) Beard was the first JP service opened on the Gold Coast. Like now, the service with Sandra and Bette was available every Tuesday from 10.00am – 2.00pm.

With documents changing, different customers and an ever changing environment at Ashmore City no day is ever the same. Whilst some things change, others stay the same with both Sandra and Bette enjoying every moment of helping the community and volunteering their services each week. We are proud to say they even have their regular customers from 20 years ago. ✍️

Both Sandra and Bette are valuable members of the Ashmore City family and have forged great relationships with both our retailers and customers! Here’s to Sandra and Bette and another 20 years of helping the Ashmore community! Happy 20 Anniversary! 🎉

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